Why Leave-In Conditioner is a Must-Have Hair Product

Almost everyone has shampoo and conditioner in their shower, but for many people, it doesn’t expand much further beyond that. Busy people don’t take the time to treat their hair with additional products for the sake of both time and money, but if you’re going to have any additional products, look into a leave-in conditioner.

No, leave-in conditioner isn’t leaving your hair conditioner in your hair after you take a shower. It’s a special type of product that you spray into your hair after you’ve taken a shower, and before you dry or style it. At The Hair Architect, we have a great leave-in conditioner: Deco.


Our Deco Leave-In Conditioner is a hair product that is packed full of botanical-rich ingredients that will not only leave hair extremely smooth, but also stronger! Its benefits include:

  • Detangling of hair
  • Sealing of hair cuticles
  • Protection against UV damage
  • Frizz-control
  • Smooth surface of hair

How do you use it? Easy. After you shampoo and condition your hair, simply spray the leave-in conditioner on the surface of your hair when it is still wet. Then with a comb, go through your hair to make sure the product reaches all strands of hair—even underneath. Lastly, you proceed to style your hair normally and enjoy the extra smooth surface throughout the day!

Tip: if your hair is naturally oily, it might be a good idea to skip your normal conditioner and only use Deco as a hair smoother.

Shop our leave-in conditioner in addition to the rest of our awesome line of hair care products today and watch your hair transform right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed at the difference earth-friendly products can make!

How to Keep Color from Fading

New hair color is one of the more exciting things that can happen. However, pretty soon after you color your hair, it can begin to fade away, losing it’s appeal and excitement. There are, however, some steps you can take to keep color from fading.

One thing you can do to keep color from fading is to use hair products that are color-friendly. At The Hair Architect, our entire line of products is perfect for colored hair, because it uses earth-friendly and natural products that build hair to be stronger, rather than breaking it down with chemical-based fillers.

Another important hair color tip: don’t go crazy with your new color-friendly products. Keep washing to a minimum, maybe once every two or three days so it won’t wash out. Even scrubbing with color-friendly shampoo will wash out some color.

We all love a good hot shower, but it’s not the best for your hair. Try washing your hair in cold water so your follicles will better lock in the color. If a total cold shower is too much, try doing a cold rinse at the end of your hair washing to keep color from fading.

It’s pretty common knowledge that heat hurts your hair, but we all use hairdryers, straighteners and other heat-based appliances to fix your hair every day. Try to cut back on using a hair dryer, and style it naturally when possible. If you do decide to use heated appliances, use a thermal heat protectant (such as Beaming) to add some protection from the extreme temperatures.

Keep these tips in mind and it will greatly help keep color from fading quickly, saving you money on regular color treatments and trip to the salon. Be sure to ask your hair stylist what other tips they advise their clients to keep in mind after they’ve colored their hair.

5 Important Tips for Hair Growth

Are you regretting that choice to cut your hair off short in search for something different? We’ve all been there. If you’re accustomed to long hair, cutting it off can be really exciting for a while, then you’ll eventually wish you hadn’t made the jump to the cute bob or pixie cut. Luckily, there are some tips for hair growth that you can follow in order to get the results you want:

  1. Switch to natural hair products: if you’re using generic types of shampoo and conditioner, your hair is likely coming into
    Photo from yourhairstylee.com

    Photo from yourhairstylee.com

    contact with a high number of harmful chemicals. Try using The Hair Architect’s Foundational line of shampoo and conditioner. At a reasonable price, you can keep your hair healthy and beautiful, allowing it to grow at a more rapid pace.

  2. Stay away from heat appliances: this might be one of the most important tips for hair growth. Using curling irons and straighteners is basically like setting fire to your hair—without the flames. Try to cut down the amount of times per week that you use heat appliances, and try air drying your hair and taming it without heat.
  3. Don’t wash your hair every single day: it may sound gross, but it’s actually more healthy not to wash your hair daily. Even if you’re using products low on chemicals, giving your hair rest from scrubbing every so often can really help it to grow strong. Plus: if you have colored hair, this will help your hair dye last even longer because it won’t wash out as quick.
  4. Try not to keep your hair up tight too often: constricting you hair can keep it from growing to its highest degree. Let it down and let it grow!
  5. Take vitamins: sound like your parents? Well, they may not have had your hair in mind, but they were right. Taking Vitamins A, B12, C, and E (as well as others) help your hair grow strong and gain length.

By taking these tips for hair growth into mind, you should be back to the length you want in no time! Check out our line of products at TheHairArchitect.com and treat your hair to natural and earth-friendly products that will help it grow!

The Hair Architect’s Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner

If you’re hunting for a great natural hair conditioner, look no further! The line of hair products available to you at The Hair Architect are made from the absolute best natural ingredients to provide you with happier, stronger, and healthier hair.

Many hair products on the market today have harmful chemicals in them that make them look and smell nice, but eventually will dry out and cause damage to your hair. At The Hair Architect, we strive to be different. We don’t take shortcuts by adding a lot of harmful chemicals in order to fill the bottle. We use natural botanicals to help hair grow strong!

Our “Foundational” line includes both natural hair conditioner and shampoo, available in 3 sizes each:
• 2 oz.
• 8 oz.
• 32 oz.

The Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner is a product that will revitalize your hair, giving it back the levels of moisture that have been lost while using chemical-filled products. Made with argan, olive, avocado and bamboo oils, the conditioner softens hair, making it more luxurious and radiant.

Benefits of the Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner include:
• Protection against damage from hair appliances such as hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and more!
• Reduction of frizz, allowing you to enjoy silky and tangle-free hair.
• More manageable and style-able hair!
• Keratin formulation to give you not only strength, but also a beautiful shine!

Shop online today at TheHairArchitect.com, and treat your hair to the strength and hydration that it’s been craving. It’s safe for all hair types, and won’t wash out color if your hair is dyed.

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