3 Hairstyles that Hurt Your Hair

If you’re trying to get your hair grow, what is the best way to wear your hair? Well, we’ve come up with a list of ways not to wear your hair in order to maintain its life, vigor and health! Check out our list of hairstyles that hurt your hair below:


1. Straightened Hair

Although it looks great, wearing your hair by straightener can be extremely harmful to your hair. The high temperatures burn hair, and makes it more difficult to grow. If you are planning to straighten your hair, check out our Beaming Thermal Heat Protectant to act as a barrier between the heat and your hair. Or, just try air-drying your hair and maybe applying a frizz-free serum to calm down your hair if it has a tendency to get out of control.


2. Curled Hair

Just like straightening your hair, it can be harmful to apply that much heat to your hair with a curling iron or curlers. If you want a curly look with less damage, apply some Finial Mousse to your hair when damp, place a diffuser on your hair dryer and apply a bit of heat. Then, finish off with Frieze hairspray to keep it in place. This will get you a lighter wavy look that still is great-looking!


3. Tight Buns or Ponytails

Although up-do’s are easier when you’re running late in the mornings, it can be one of the worst hairstyles that hurt your hair. Tight pulled back looks, although they look very sleek, can cause breakage from the harmful nature of the tight style. For those lazy or late hair days, try a loose messy bun, or even a sock bun that will put less stress on your hair, but still hide the fact that you didn’t have time to wash it.

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