Why Leave-In Conditioner is a Must-Have Hair Product

Almost everyone has shampoo and conditioner in their shower, but for many people, it doesn’t expand much further beyond that. Busy people don’t take the time to treat their hair with additional products for the sake of both time and money, but if you’re going to have any additional products, look into a leave-in conditioner.

No, leave-in conditioner isn’t leaving your hair conditioner in your hair after you take a shower. It’s a special type of product that you spray into your hair after you’ve taken a shower, and before you dry or style it. At The Hair Architect, we have a great leave-in conditioner: Deco.


Our Deco Leave-In Conditioner is a hair product that is packed full of botanical-rich ingredients that will not only leave hair extremely smooth, but also stronger! Its benefits include:

  • Detangling of hair
  • Sealing of hair cuticles
  • Protection against UV damage
  • Frizz-control
  • Smooth surface of hair

How do you use it? Easy. After you shampoo and condition your hair, simply spray the leave-in conditioner on the surface of your hair when it is still wet. Then with a comb, go through your hair to make sure the product reaches all strands of hair—even underneath. Lastly, you proceed to style your hair normally and enjoy the extra smooth surface throughout the day!

Tip: if your hair is naturally oily, it might be a good idea to skip your normal conditioner and only use Deco as a hair smoother.

Shop our leave-in conditioner in addition to the rest of our awesome line of hair care products today and watch your hair transform right before your eyes. You’ll be amazed at the difference earth-friendly products can make!

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