How to Keep Color from Fading

New hair color is one of the more exciting things that can happen. However, pretty soon after you color your hair, it can begin to fade away, losing it’s appeal and excitement. There are, however, some steps you can take to keep color from fading.

One thing you can do to keep color from fading is to use hair products that are color-friendly. At The Hair Architect, our entire line of products is perfect for colored hair, because it uses earth-friendly and natural products that build hair to be stronger, rather than breaking it down with chemical-based fillers.

Another important hair color tip: don’t go crazy with your new color-friendly products. Keep washing to a minimum, maybe once every two or three days so it won’t wash out. Even scrubbing with color-friendly shampoo will wash out some color.

We all love a good hot shower, but it’s not the best for your hair. Try washing your hair in cold water so your follicles will better lock in the color. If a total cold shower is too much, try doing a cold rinse at the end of your hair washing to keep color from fading.

It’s pretty common knowledge that heat hurts your hair, but we all use hairdryers, straighteners and other heat-based appliances to fix your hair every day. Try to cut back on using a hair dryer, and style it naturally when possible. If you do decide to use heated appliances, use a thermal heat protectant (such as Beaming) to add some protection from the extreme temperatures.

Keep these tips in mind and it will greatly help keep color from fading quickly, saving you money on regular color treatments and trip to the salon. Be sure to ask your hair stylist what other tips they advise their clients to keep in mind after they’ve colored their hair.

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