The Hair Architect’s Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner

If you’re hunting for a great natural hair conditioner, look no further! The line of hair products available to you at The Hair Architect are made from the absolute best natural ingredients to provide you with happier, stronger, and healthier hair.

Many hair products on the market today have harmful chemicals in them that make them look and smell nice, but eventually will dry out and cause damage to your hair. At The Hair Architect, we strive to be different. We don’t take shortcuts by adding a lot of harmful chemicals in order to fill the bottle. We use natural botanicals to help hair grow strong!

Our “Foundational” line includes both natural hair conditioner and shampoo, available in 3 sizes each:
• 2 oz.
• 8 oz.
• 32 oz.

The Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner is a product that will revitalize your hair, giving it back the levels of moisture that have been lost while using chemical-filled products. Made with argan, olive, avocado and bamboo oils, the conditioner softens hair, making it more luxurious and radiant.

Benefits of the Foundational Natural Hair Conditioner include:
• Protection against damage from hair appliances such as hair dryers, straighteners, curling irons, and more!
• Reduction of frizz, allowing you to enjoy silky and tangle-free hair.
• More manageable and style-able hair!
• Keratin formulation to give you not only strength, but also a beautiful shine!

Shop online today at, and treat your hair to the strength and hydration that it’s been craving. It’s safe for all hair types, and won’t wash out color if your hair is dyed.

For a limited time, all Hair Architect products are on sale! Check out the Summer Sale, offering up to HALF OFF all products online! Don’t miss this opportunity for amazing savings on some of the best all-natural hair products on the market!

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