4 Must-See Pins from Pinterest: Summer Hair Styles and Fun Colors!

Pinterest has taken over the lives of many hair, nail, style, cooking and crafting gurus out there. From DIY projects with the kids to the tastiest recipes the internet has to offer, the website has made it possible for people to store ideas everything they love on one central website. At The Hair Architect, we love Pinterest too! Here are some of our favorite summer hair styles and cool colors for the season:

1. “Fun Hair Color: Multi blue colored hair. Gorgeous.”

We saw this when scrolling through Pinterest one day and thought “WOW that is some seriously awesome hair!” What screams out SUMMER like hair that looks like the ocean? The different shades of blue and light green really blend well together and come together to look unique when styled in different fashions. The only downside to this hairstyle is that your typical office manager might not be ecstatic about such an out-there color, but for those who can do it and pull it off–go for it!

2. “Summer hair style – Braided back bun. Easy, quick, and perfect for relieving some of that hot summer heat!”

Summer is hot, especially when you’re in Texas like we at The Hair Architect are. When the temperature starts rising and you’re getting ready to go to work or even just around town, wearing long hair down is not at the top of your to-do list. With cool summer hair styles like this simple braided back bun, you can look fancier than just your average ponytail

3. “Fun Hair Color: Red to Blonde Ombre”

Ombre has been all the rage in the last year or so, but it’s generally a brunette to blonde transformation. Mix it up with red at the root. Red hair is something that gives you a little extra “umph,” while still staying classy in within the means of regular hair colors. This is a project you could do yourself with the assistant of YouTube or other internet tutorials of dip-dying, or ask your hairstylist if they would be comfortable helping you out with this project!

4. “Hair Styles: Updo’s. Braided Sock Bun.”

The Sock Bun is one of the great go-to summer hair styles on lazy hair days, but add a little bit of a twist to the style with a french braid. Whether it’s from the bottom of your head to the bun or from your bangs and back, a braid can spice up this quick and simple look. Simply braid your hair in the fashion you desire then place your hair in a ponytail. Then simply take an old sock, cut off the toe, and roll it into a “donut.” Place the sock around the tips of the ponytail and roll down, tucking in strands of hair as you go. Spray with hairspray and you’re good to go!

For more tips, styles, colors and more summer hair styles, follow us on Pinterest and keep up with our favorite hair trends!

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